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ACTION ALERT: Freedom for Vietnamese political prisoners

ACTION ALERT: Freedom for Vietnamese political prisoners

February 11, 2012

In one of the largest crackdowns to date, human rights defenders are being rounded up and arbitrarily detained in Vietnam. All are all unified by the message of social justice and human rights and took a stand for social justice… now we must take a stand for their freedom.

These brave individuals include social activists belonging to the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Dong Chua Cuu The) and the Presbyterian Church: 17 in all arrested since July 2011. Bui Thi Minh Hang and Viet Khang are two other prominent activists whose arrest must not go unnoticed.

As is commonplace now for the regime, most if not all were arrested without a warrant, have limited access to legal representation, and until only recently were finally allowed family visitations.

The nature of their arrests and treatment while in detention suggests an escalation of crackdowns that targets human rights defenders by the Vietnamese government.

What can you do?

1/ Press your Members of Congress to pass H. Res 484

House Resolution 484, introduced before International Human Rights Day in December 2011 takes the Vietnamese government to task: it presses the regime to “repeal articles 79 and 88 of the Vietnamese penal code and similar vague national security measures used to persecute peaceful political opposition and dissent” and calls for the immediate release of all political prisoners.

H. Res 484 needs as many co-sponsors to pass the House so it’s up to YOU to contact your Members of Congress; let them know that they should support human rights in Vietnam.

Take Action now: Click here to send a message to your Members of Congress

2/ Sign the White House Petition

“We the People” is a direct way to reach President Obama about this pressing human rights issue. Your voice is needed to ensure the administration speaks up for these arbitrarily detained individuals. Please note that you must create an account and be a US resident to sign this petition.

Take Action now: Click here to send a message to the White House

Learn more:
Read the text of House Resolution 484
Watch Rep. Loretta Sanchez’ speech on the House floor about Viet Khang & Paulus Le Son

Source: Viet Tan

  • Ba Phải

    The Vietnamese Communist Government must release Mr. Quan Quoc Le and almost of peoples who were fighting for Freedom and Democracy for Vietnam right now.
    The Vietnamese Communist Government DOWN – DOWN – DOWN !!!



  • vuphong

    Please to free them now ,Democracy for Vietnam.Freedom for Vietnamese

    many thanks and thank you

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